vipkid mock coaching

Welcome to the Bootcamp Live Zoom Sessions schedule and registration page. Being one of Tim’s referrals means that you get to attend small group live zoom trainings to learn more about the hiring process.

This calendar will always be available before the 1st of each month. The schedule wlll only be confirmed for the upcoming week. The rest of the month will be posted on the calendar but is subject to mild changes, please check back often. You will only be able to register for the current week’s sessions.

VIPKid Live Mock Coaching

If you are not yet one of Tim’s referrals and you are in the hiring process currently but would like to attend a zoom training, simply go to your vipkid website on your computer. Click “My Account” in the top right corner. Then click “Add Referral Code”. Type: TIM000003 (five zeros). Email : to let him know.


If you have not yet applied, please use this link.

If you already have a referral code, the only way to add Tim is to reapply with a new email and use the link above.

1. Getting Hired

An intro to VIPKid, the hiring process, the interview options, teaching style and what you can expect! There will be time for questions and answers.

2. Mock Class Training

This session will be very focused on the Lower Level 2/3 Mock class. Expectations, what they are looking for and sample slide walk-through’s will be covered. Time for practice and questions & answer will also be included.

Join the next ``Getting Hired`` session on Sunday Nov. 17th at 9pm EST.

This session is for those who have just applied and have not done the interview yet. We wil cover the application process, interview options, 5 skills to pass, how to get a high base rate, and some other important things!

Join the next ``Lower Level Mock Class`` session on Thursday Nov. 14th at 9pm EST.

This session is for those who have passed the Interview but have not completed the Mock certification stage. We will go over the rubric, what to expect, and slide walk-throughs.

Within 24 hours of registering, you will recieve a confirmation email from Tim letting you know some more information on the session and the link to attend. Please make sure you check your junk mail or spam folder if you did not recieve it.