Thanks for stopping by my FREE VIPKid resources page! This page is divided into three sections: Video Resources, Online Teaching Products, & Teaching Resources.

Everything can be accessed for free. I use affiliate links, whereby, if you purchase one of the products, I will get a small percentage. Thank you in advance! At the bottom of this page you will find links to download a small package of props and rewards for your Interview and Mock demo lessons. Enjoy!

Interview Videos

If you would like to sign up with VIPKid, please sign up here or if you have already signed up, please add my code : TIM000003 to your application under “My Account”. I will send you the password for my Bootcamp training!


Logitech H390 Headphones


Logitech External Webcam

Webcam Cover (Set of 3)

vipkid webcam slider

Laptop Selfie Light

Laptop Selfie Light

Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse

Online Teaching Products

These are affiliate links, so I get a small percentage if you make a signup from my website!

TESOL Course - $19

You can get this TESOL for $19 and you can use it for VIPKid and most other online ESL companies.

Feedback Panda

Cut down on the time it takes to write feedback with this feedback template generator. Signup for a 30 day trial.


A borderless bank account. You can save hugely on transfer fees. Many VIPKid teachers use this service.

Teaching Resources (Free!)

Click the link for the props you need based on which interview or Mock lesson you are teaching. This is completely free for you. If you find value in these and found it helpful, I would appreciate you adding my code (TIM000003) to your application. I can send you my 30page Training Guide and give you access to more resources to help you pass.


Print & cut them out. Then stick them on simple, inexpensive popsicle sticks that you can hold up to reinforce the slide you are teaching. Of course, where possible it is better to use realia (ie: a real ball, a whiteboard/pen, puppet).

vipkid props


Here are 3 rewards that you can use for your interviews. You must use a secondary reward, have it visible behind you and give 3-5 rewards during your class (Not applicable if doing the Smart Demo Lesson).

Classroom Decorations

These can be printed and placed behind you in your classroom. You can keep your classroom simple with a few decorative and educational things behind you. Your classroom will evolve when you start teaching and investing in your own decorations!

Classroom Decorations

vipkid classroom