One of the first things that people ask when they are interested in working for VIPKid is, “How much money can I make?”. This is a difficult answer to make because it depends on many factors. The VIPKid pay structure is not complicated but there are a few things to understand. This article is going to give you every piece of information you need to be informed about the pay structure and how much money you can make working for VIPKid.

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Base Pay

You will hear a lot of terminologies related to the VIPKid pay, but the most important is the “base pay”. Your base pay is determined by VIPKid during the interview stage. Your base pay is determined by a rubric that gives you points for having qualifications, education, experience. You will also be given points for aspects of the interview that you did well on. The score on the rubric dictates your pay.


VIPKid advertises on their website:

Earn up to $22/hour plus referrals, incentives, and other opportunities.


In most material and online sites, you will see an advertised hourly rate of $18-$22/hour. This rate that you see include bonuses ( see below ) and assumes you are teaching 2 classes in an hour. Your base pay is a rate of pay / class. The hourly rate is with an understanding that you will teach 2 classes in 1 hour. Each class is 25 minutes long, so you can schedule 2 classes in 1 hour.



VIPKid has 2 bonuses that are available that will go on top of your base pay:

Participation Incentive: If you teach between 30-45 classes, you will make an extra $0.50/class.  If you teach more than 45 classes in one month, you will get an extra $1/class.

Finished Classes Incentive: If you start and finish the class on time, you will get $1/class.


Other Incentives

Referral Bonus: For every teacher that you refer and is successfully hired, you will receive $100 once they teach their first class.  There are also referral milestones that will give you further incentives based on how many referrals you have successfully helped get hired within a quarter (3 month period).

Short Notice Incentive: By turning your slots into short notice, which you can learn about more about in my VIPKid Bootcamp Training Guide, you can earn an additional $2/class. This means that if a class is booked within a 24 hour window and you teach it, you will get an extra $2. This can amount to $4/hour if you do 2 in one hour.


Sample VIPKid Pay

Let’s look at a sample VIPKid Pay. An average base pay is $8/class. Keep that in mind when you are looking at this chart.

vipkid pay

My VIPKid Pay (Feb. 2019)

Let’s take a look at a screenshot of my pay from February 2019:

vipkid pay

OK, let’s break this down.

Under Courses, you can see that I made $73.50 from Trial Classes & $1,560.25 from Major Courses, for a total of $1633.75.  I taught 156 classes, so if you divide the total amount by the number of classes, you get $10.47 / class (without the bonuses). I taught all short notice classes this month!

Under Participation incentives, I received $1 for each class taught. I had no course deductions.

Under Other incentives, I received $15 for new student signups (3 students x $5 each), $1 / class for teaching more than 45 in 1 month and $100 for having 1 referral complete their first class.

My total for the month of February was $2060.75!

If you are interested in working for VIPKid, or at least starting the application, please apply here. Once your application is accepted, I will email you with a password to enter my protected referral only area of this website. Inside you will have access to my VIPKid Bootcamp Training Guide, Hiring Course & a link to my Zoom Trainings that you can sign up for in my facebook group.


If you have already applied but you have not used a referral teachers code, then you can simply add mine to your application under “My Account” in the top right corner of your portal (desktop version). Simply click “Add Referral Code” and type: TIM000003 (those are zeros), and we will be instantly connected!

If you are already connected with a referral code, but you are not receiving support and help from that individual, you can reapply with my link under a new email address when you create an account.

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