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There are lots of ways to do your online ESL teaching feedback and everyone has their own unique style or method of getting it done quickly. One thing we can all agree on is that doing feedback after a string of classes is not that much fun! Who wants to create more time for themselves and cut down on the amount of feedback you write? I want to offer an option for your feedback writing. In this post, I will be talking about Feedback Panda.

feedback panda

“Using Feedback Panda has saved me hours of extra work.” – every online ESL teacher using Feedback Panda

What is Feedback Panda?

“We manage your course, student, and feedback records and generate feedback based on templates which are then fully customizable. Allowing teachers to provide helpful feedback and quality teaching.” –


Feedback Panda was created by a teacher for teachers and takes into account the needs of online ESL teachers. It is a feedback generator tool that let’s teachers save time and cut down on the amount of time spent on writing feedback for their students.

feedback panda

Why Use a Feedback Tool Like Feedback Panda?

1. Saves Time

Feedback tools like Feedback Panda allow teachers to get their feedback done faster by using templates, saved sentences and phrases and integrating the app with various online ESL companies like VIPKid, Gogokid and Magic Ears (just to name a few). Feedback tools are a big time saver and will save you hours of time. The ability to take your lesson key content and create templates and customisable sentences make Feedback Panda a great tool for any online ESL teacher.

2. Helps Track Students

You can keep track of your students and save information about them like their gender, birthday, age and special notes or reward systems you used. This is really helpful if you track them in another location so you can keep it all in one app rather than multiple places. You can quickly check student nicknames or the name that you call them by storing this information within the app. It also shows you how many times you have taught the student which is also really helpful.

3. Provides Customisable Comments

Despite it being a feedback generator that uses templates and saved sentences, you can still customize your feedback.  It allows you to be extremely individual by adding in detail from the class, special moments and your own opening and closing sentences. You can still be unique in the way that you say things.  Many teachers use the templates but add their own sentences or particular things that their student needs to work on or did a great job with.

4. Helps With Planning & Preparation

Using Feedback Panda helps you to plan and prepare more effectively for your lessons because of the ability to use course notes that let you quick retrieve them for particular lessons. You can also develop deeper connections with your students because of the ability to track who you have taught and anything particular that you make note of.

Feedback Panda Key Features

1. Feedback Panda Cloud
Feedback Panda Cloud

The Feedback Panda Cloud is a large bank of teacher created feedback for the particular lesson that you are giving the student feedback for. In some cases, these templates have been used and downloaded thousands of times and you can trust that they are popular and detailed.

Feedback Panda is integrated with your portal through a chrome extension. If you are a VIPKid teacher, for example, after class you can click the panda icon and it will automatically open that template for that lesson in your Panda app. This makes doing your feedback as fast as clicking a button and then customizing your template!

2. Browser Integration
Feedback Panda Browser Integration
3. Student Profiles
Feedback Panda Student Profiles

The student profile section allows you to keep on top of your students. You can see how many times you have taught the student, their birthday, special notes, and previous feedback. I love this feature and it really helps me keep track of my previous students, especially those that I have not seen in a long time!

My Feedback Panda Review

As an online ESL teacher of multiple companies.

As a VIPKid teacher, I have done feedback in many different ways. I started out typing out notes during class and writing my feedback from scratch after classes were finished. In some cases, this could take me up to 45 minutes!


Then I started getting faster and writing out my feedback between classes but I was always rushed and could never have time to get anything else done. If I had to run and grab something or get a drink of water I usually couldn’t finish and had to do it when classes were finished.


After finally getting my 30 day free trial, I realised that I could still create authentic and meaningful feedback for my students and their parents without spending the time that I was spending to create the templates and paragraphs. I now can easily complete my feedback in 2-3 minutes and have time to spare to grab a drink or a quick snack! Time is important to me and the last thing I want to do after classes is worry about feedback. Thank you Feedback Panda!

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