VIPKid Application Process

The VIPKid application process has changed a lot over the years.  Refer to this page for the most up to date information on the current VIPKid hiring process and how to become a VIPKid teacher.

This graphic will outline the 2019 VIPKid Application Process:

1. Application

The application takes roughly 2 minutes to complete.

Make sure that you are aware of the VIPKid hiring requirements before proceeding.

Once you have determinied that you fulfill the VIPKid hiring requirements, you can create a new VIPKid application here.

The application is going to ask you to fill in your legal name, highest level of education, etc…

You are also going to be asked what experience you have with the North American school system. This is not a question that will disqualify you.


In addition you are going to be asked about your “teaching” experience. This does not mean formal teaching. This means teaching related experience in any capactiy with kids. You can count volunteer experience, camp counseling, Sunday School teaching, coaching, tutoring, etc…As long as you indicate at least one year of teaching experience, you will pass this question. They do not ask you for proof.

VIPKid application process

2. Interview

The interview is the sescond stage in the VIPKid hiring process. There are currently 4 Interview Options that you can choose from. Each option comes with its own set of pro’s and con’s. It is important to determine the option that is the best for you. Passing your interview is not difficult and they have provided some great options for showcasing your skills and personality!

Option 1: Fast Pass Coaching Event

The Fast Pass Coaching Event is a coaching day put on by VIPKid in cities and locations across the US and Canada. It is great option for starting your VIPKid journeye if you live near a city that is hosting this event. You will need to search for the city and date that is closest to you.


By attending the Fast Pass Coaching event, you will leave with your Mock class booked. You will “bypass” having to do the Live/ Recorded interview and learn lots of skills that VIPKid is looking for in a VIPKid teacher as well as when passing your Mock.  You will also meet other VIPKid teachers going through the process.


Check HERE to see if you live near one of the fast pass coaching events.

Option 2: Smart Demo Lesson

The Smart Demo Lesson is VIPKid’s newest member on the block for interview options. This is by far the most popular option for passing the interview because of how fast and easy it is.


The Smart Demo Lesson takes place on your phone by downloading the VIPKid Teach App on andriod or apple.  Once you download the VIPKid app you will login with your credentials that you used to signup with VIPKid. Make sure that you do not create a new account.


After you log in, you will be taken through some materials, where you will learn about the 5 aspects they are assessing in your Smart Demo Lesson.  The 5 areas are:

  1. Modeling
  2. Repetition
  3. TPR
  4. Lesson Objective
  5. Language & Speaking Speed

Once you take the 5 question quiz, you will be prompted to do the last component of the Smart Demo Lesson, which is the video recording of you teaching for 2:30.  You will be given 1 slide to teach and you will need to press record and implement the above 5 skills/components into the “lesson”. If you are not satisfied with your teaching then you can click back and re-record. Your slide will change each time and once you complete it, you will hear within 24-48 hours if you have passed.

My VIPKid Tips For Passing The Smart Demo Lesson

  1. Have a classroom background setup behind you.
  2. Do not hold your phone, have it standing vertically in front of you
  3. Make sure you have 1 prop at minimum (ie: a whiteboard).
  4. Devote 20 minutes to it in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.
  5. Have fun, show your energy and passion to get the job!

Option 3: Live Interview

The Live Interview is also a very popular option. If you choose the Live interview, you will schedule a time on the portal to do your live interview. The interview will take place in the VIPKid classroom on your computer. You will need to devote a 30 minute blog to this, although it will not take this long. You will have a short rapport time with your interviewer (someone from Beijing HQ office), and then they will ask you to teach the “Me, Myself & I” lesson. This has been shortened and is only 5 minutes.


My Training Guide & Hiring Course will go into this in more detail with additional tips and tricks to help you pass quickly. A lot of people enjoy this option because it gives you real practice in the classroom with a real, live interviewer. It is also the only time that you may be able to “negotiate” your pay or let them know all of the great reasons why you deserve the highest base rate!

vipkid interview

Option 4: Recorded Demo

The recorded demo is another option for passing the interview but not the most popular option. If you are going to record the demo, in my opinion, you might as well just do the Smart Demo lesson or the Live for practice with a real person.


Nonetheless, it is an option that is available to you should you wish to choose this one. The recorded demo uses the same lesson as the Live interview, but you will record it and have to pretend that their is a 5 year old Chinese student on the other end. There will not be anyone there so you need to incorporate wait time, appropriate pausing for repetition and answering questions as well as pretending to interact with a student. You will have 2 hours to record your best version and you can redo until you are happy with the final product.

3. Certification Center

After you have passed the interview stage, you will be on the Certification Stage aka “The Mock Class’. This will be where you will teach a 10 minute lesson to a Mock Class Mentor, who is a teacher just like you will be. He or She will facilitate the class and it will look something like this:

VIPKid Mock Class

The Mock class is the chance for you to show VIPKid that you are ready to teach and receive students. All aspects of your classroom should be ready to go (setup, lighting, technology, equipment, props, reward system, classroom background, etc…). You will be given some feedback and then within 48 hours you will hear if you have passed or if you are invited to do another one. You will recieve written feedback and if you are asked to redo, do your best to implement the feedback and try again! You are allowed mulitiple chances to redo and this is very normal. Think of it as free training and lots of chances to learn and improve!

Level 2/3 Certification

Level 4/5 Certification

You are able to certify for both Mock Levels (Upper and Lower) at this stage if you would like to. Most people begin with the Lower Level 2/3 Mock as this is where the bulk of our students are. If you would like to add Level 4/5 after you pass the Lower Level then you may do so.


If you do this before signing your contract then it will be another Live session with a Mock Class Mentor. If you would like to add the upper levels after you sign your contract then it will be through a video submission in your VIPKid portal.


For both Mock classes, you will have to prepare Lesson A and Lesson B and be prepared to teach either one, but you will only be asked to teach one of them.
Good luck!

Online Coaching

Tim's Mock Coaching

If you are one of my referrals, you may join my 1 hour Live Coaching by clicking join below and signing up for the next available session. If you are not one of my referrals, but you do not have a code on your account, it’s not too late to add me (Code: TIM000003) in your teacher portal under My Account.

VIPKid's Mock Coaching

If one of my times does not fit your schedule, you are able to jump in on one of VIPKid’s Mock Certification coaching clesses. Just click the Join button below to be taken to the signup page. These sessions last two hours and they will go through skills and practice with the Lesson slides.

vipkid online coaching

3. Final Stages

TESOL / Teaching Certificate

According to Chinese Law, you are required to prove that you have a teaching certificate. If you have a teaching certificate from the US or Canada then you will bypass this step. If you do not, then you will need to either complete VIPKid’s proprietory TESOL course for free before moving onto the next steps. This takes a few hours to complete, and if you are my referral I will assist you in passing this.
If you want to work for other companies that you can grab a $19 TESOL from International Open Academy and this will work for other online ESL companies as well. VIPKid’s only works and is only valid for VIPKid.

Background Check

Before being allowed to work for VIPKid, you will need to complete a background check. This is not something that you need to provide but rather something that VIPKid’s will source through a third party called Sterling. You will need to fill in the form and submit it and wait for the results.

Document Verification

Before being allowed to work for VIPKid, you will need to complete a background check. This is not something that you need to provide but rather something that VIPKid’s will source through a third party called Sterling. You will need to fill in the form and submit it and wait for the results.

Creating Your Profile

One of the last stages in the VIPKid Application Process is creating a profile which will be viewable to all parents. There are 3 components to the profile:

  1. Bio : A short and sweet introduction of your educational background, teaching experience and areas of focus in the classroom. A sentence at the end about your interests is fine!
  2. Photos : You will need to upload 3 photos (1 professional, clear headshot & 2 “casual” photos that show you in your natural environment). The casual photos can be with your family, kids, pets, holiday, etc…
  3. Video: Create a 30-60 second video of you in your classroom saying hello to potential students and parents.


Congratulations! Everything has cleared and only now are you able to sign your contract and officially join the VIPKid community. Remember that there is a lot of support out there as you prepare for classes and you are in for an exciting work from home job opportunity! I wish you all the best!

Get started today on your VIPKid journey!

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