VIPKid Requirements

The VIPKid requirements are not a secret, but sometimes it is important to know what they mean when they indicate certain requirements. Read on to have a more thorough explanation of the 4 basic requirements to teaching with VIPKid.

Vipkid requirements

VIPKid Requirements: What Are They?

The VIPKid Requirements for hiring are not always the easiest to find.  This is because their is a little ambiguity with them. This is what is posted publically. You will need to understand each of their requirements to ensure that you will qualify.

Vipkid requirements

It is important to note that there is not a human being scanning applications and evaluating comprehensive experience and education. This is a computer scan of the requirements. If you do not put what they are looking then the application will fail within seconds of submitting it. If you make a mistake and feel that you actually do qualify, you can reapply with a new email address.  You will have to show evidence of the credentials that you say you have in the application.


Let’s look at each of their requirements to understand what they are looking for.

1. Bachelors Degree

VIPKid Hiring Requirements

You must have a Bachelors degree. This is one of VIPKId’s big requirements. You can have any other degree such as a Masters, PhD, but at minimum, you must have a completed 4 year degree. You will have to send a scanned copy of this, or transcripts to show that you have complted your degree. If your degree was obtained outside of the US or Canada in another country or in another language you will need to get it translated and notorised.

Eligibility to work in the US / Canada can mean a variety of different things. You can live anywhere in the world and work for VIPKid.

If you have a US or Canadian Passport, then you clearly pass this requirement. This will be an automatic pass and normally this is what they are looking for.

However, some applicants can pass the application with “eligibility”, which means that you have a temporary work visa, a green card or citizenship.

These are three things that you could have to pass this requirement.

2. Eligibility to Work in US/Canada

VIPKid requirements

3. Teaching Experience (1+ years)

VIPKid requirements

You do not need to be a teacher to work for VIPKid. Of course, if you are a teacher then you will pass this requirement without difficult.y VIPKid wants to ensure their teachers have experience with kids so as long as you have accumulated 1+ years of “teaching related” experience then you can indicate that in this question.
Make usre you do not select the options less than 1 year or your application will automatically fail.

VIPKid teaching experience

Teachiner related experience can be, but is not limited to: babysitting, tutoring, youth group, Sunday school, homeschooling, coaching, etc…

You do not have to have a teaching license or state / province issued teaching certification, but if you do then you will want to indicate that on the application form. If you do not, don’t worry, you can still teach for VIPKid. There are a few options for you in this case.  VIPKid has partnered with TESOL and created their own TESOL certification. You can take this and pass it after your Mock class. Possible questions and answers can be found in the bootcamp hiring course, here.


If you would like to do the TESOL before you fill in your application, you can do this one provided by International Open Academy, for $19 and this can fulfill the TESOL teaching certificate requirement by all other online ESL companies. The VIPKid-TESOL only can be used to get hired with VIPKid.

4. Teaching Certification / Credentials

VIPKid requirements

5. Other Requirements

These are less advertised requirements. Of course, if you fulfill the requirements above, please apply here.


  1. You must be a native speaker of the English language. You can speak other language and live in other countries, but you must have a grasp of American English as this is what the VIPKId students are signing up to learn.
  2. If you have an accent, that is not American or Canadian, you will be able to pass the basic requirements and do your interview. Some teachers have experienced failing the Mock or Interview stage without explanation. Often times it is because of a detected accent or speaking patterns that include incorrect use of grammar and pronunciation.
  3. Experience with the K-12 US or Canadian school system is preferred but if you do not have this, you can still work for VIPKid, just make sure you fulfille the requirements above.

Ready To Apply?

Please apply with the link below to have full access to the VIPKid Bootcamp Training Guide / Hiring Course / Live Zoom Trainings. You will recieve an email within 24 hours of signing up with information on how to get started and connected to the VIPKid community!

If you have already applied, and you do not have a referral code on your application, you can add mine under “My Account”. My code is : TIM000003 (5 zeros). Once you do this, please email: so I can look you up and add you to my referral list.

VIPKid Bootcamp

Want To Add A Second Company?

VIPKid is not the only online ESL company. If you fulfill the requirements for VIPKid, then you will also qualify to work for Gogokid.

The Gogokid hiring requirements are the same as VIPKid.

You can read my article on the comparison of Gogokid vs VIPKid here.

VIPKid vs Gogokid vs Magic Ears

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VIPKid requirements


  1. hi, I downloaded app to my phone and it wants me to start a demo lesson.. is this a video lesson I do? on my phone? also don’t see where to put your referral number.

  2. hi, I downloaded app to my phone and it wants me to start a demo lesson.. is this a video lesson I do? on my phone? also don’t see where to put your referral number.

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