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There are lots of great reasons to work for VIPKid, and in this post I want to share 19 reasons why VIPKid is a great company to work for. VIPKid is a Chinese-based online ESL company that partners native English speakers from the US or Canada with Chinese students to learn English. Classes are 25 minutes in length and you can make anywhere from $18 – $22 / hour.

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1. Work From Home

The best part of this job is that it is a work from home job and it is legit, stable and pays well. Many people look for online teaching jobs because you can do it from home and almost anywhere.

2. You Control Your Schedule

You decide when and how much you want to work. You can change your schedule and adjust depending on life events and other circumstances. If you need to travel, no problem. If you need to take time off for any reason, no problem. You control your work schedule!

3. No Minimum Hours Required

VIPKid doesn’t require you to open a certain number of slots each week. There are no minumhum hours required meaning that you don’t have to work if you don’t want to.

4. No Travel or Commute

Tired of winter driving, snow tires, high petrol prices? The beauty of a work at home job is you don’t have to commute to work. Your commute is from your bed to your classroom at home!

5. Teach In Your Pajamas!

This is a humrous reason and one that sort of goes along with #4, not having to travel or commute to work. Have you ever wanted to wear your pajamas to work? You are only see from the shoulders up, so you can dress comfortable and, yes, you can wear your pajamas!

6. The Pay

The pay is what most people are interested in. You can make betweek $18-$22/hour and more if you are willing to teach short notice. An average starting pay is $20 / hour ($10 / class). There are various incentives that VIPKid has during various months and times of the year and lots of opportunity to make a great pay check!

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7. Community & Friendships

You will develop wonderful friendships while working for VIPKid. There are online communities to be involved with on facebook, instagram, youtube, reddit and just about any online social media will have VIPKid teachers to connect with.

8. The Students

Maybe it sounds cliche, but the students are wonderful. I would never have imagined how much you get to know your students and build relationships with them. You really get to know your regular students who come back to take multiple classes with you. You will get to know about their interests, families and many other aspects of their lives.

9. Learn About Chinese Culture

One of the great side benefits that come with teaching these children is how much you will learn about Chinese culture. You will gain a new appreciation for how they live and what is important to them.

10. Highly Respected as a Teacher

Teachers are highly respected in Chinese culture. You will be appreciated and respected by the students and their parents.

11. Low Upfront Costs

You do not need to spend a lot of money to get hired with VIPKid. I have printable props and rewards that you can download for free on my website. You will need basic things like a computer, internet connection, and a headset, but outside of that, you can create anything you need for very low costs.

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12. Travel & Teach (Become a Nomad)

The beauty of VIPKid is that you can take it anywhere on the road! As long as you have a strong and stable internet connection, you can teach in hotels, RVs, or become a true nomad and travel the world while funding your trips!

13. Flexibility

VIPKid is very flexible. You can work when you want, turn it off when you want and take holidays when you want. Flexibility is key in a work from home job and VIPKid is 100% flexible!

14. Incentives & Bonuses

You can make bonuses for teaching certain peak time slots, referring teachers, converting new trial students and much more! There are lots of opportunities to boost your paycheck!

15. Opportunities

By working for VIPKid, various opportunities to grow your business can come up and become available for you. Perhaps you want a secondary position, you can apply for those if you meet the criteria or maybe you want to work for other online companies. The sky is the limit!

16. Pay Off Loans & Debts

By putting time and effort into this job, you can make a great side income and pay off loans and debts that have been a burden to you for a long time. Sometimes it is just a little extra money that you need and this job affords that possibility.

17. Diversity

I love VIPKid because of how diverse they are and accepting of background, age and race. VIPKid is extremely diverse and as long as you meet their basic requirements, you will be accepted and welcomed!

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18. VIPKid is always expanding

VIPKid has announced its expansion into 100 countries and this is a great time to get on with a company that is large and growing fast – the online ESL industry is booming!

19. Fun!

It really is a FUN job! If you create balance in your life and know when to take a break and take time off, VIPKid and online teaching is a really fun job to do from home and make an income.

Are you a VIPKid Teacher?

What further reasons do you have for why VIPKid is a great company to work for?

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